Basic terms of service of the site

1. Aims and objectives of the site:
1.1. This site is managed by the Internet Development Initiative (406151140) within which the organization creates the site and carries out cognitive activities.
1.2. The purpose of this site is to raise the awareness of site users in the areas of Internet governance, technology and artificial intelligence.

1.3. User Statements and Warranties:

The user confirms that:
A) is not under the influence of drugs, alcohol, psychotropic or toxic drugs;
B) is not subject to error, fraud, pressure and is not the object of violence, threats, deception, misleading or other prohibited acts by the organization or any third party;
C) does not act in the name and order of a third party;
D) is fully aware of the expression of his / her will, its content and the legal consequences arising from it;
E) has read these terms and conditions, the site policy and these terms are acceptable to him;
F) all data submitted by him are accurate;
G) before using the site, will get acquainted with the site service agreement, terms, policy and will continue to use the site only if the above conditions are accurate, fully comprehensible and acceptable to him;
H) duly and in good faith perform the obligation under this service / contract;
I) The Customer understands and agrees that the Organization enters into a contract in accordance with the Service Agreement / Agreement, Website Rules, Policies and Conditions and considers them as a condition of the Agreement.

2. The customer is obliged

2.1.1. not to take any action that would impede the fulfillment of the obligation under this Agreement;
2.1.2. not to take any action that would harm or / or conflict with the site policies and statutes.

3. Obligations of parties
3.1. The organization is obliged to:
A) fulfill its obligations in good faith;
B) give the customer the opportunity to use the services of the site;
4.2 The user is obliged to:
A) comply with the terms of this agreement;
B) use the Website for personal purposes only;
C) take care of the information on the site and do not reproduce it and / or its part, distribute the original and / or copy;
D) The customer is prohibited from publicly displaying the whole and / or part of the work (packages) on the website, public performance, public transfer, translation, processing, renting of the work, original or copy and / or other ownership, part of the work and / or part of the work Other uses;

4. Exclusion of liability
4.1.1. In the event that any Customer makes a claim against the Organization, sues or otherwise seeks any type of compensation or indemnity, the Organization’s liability may not exceed the amount paid by the Customer for a particular service;
4.1.2. In no event shall an organization be liable for any direct or indirect damages that may result from unacceptable benefits.

5. Service continuity and security

5.1. The organization cannot guarantee that:
A) the service will be available and continuous at any time;
B) the website database will be protected from errors, viruses and / or other malicious applications;
5.2. The user is obliged to protect his computer and other devices from any viruses and malicious programs and the organization can not be held responsible for this.

6. Intellectual property

6.1.1. The intellectual property relating to the Services and the Website is the property of the Organization or of any third party who may own such property. The user has no right to reproduce, copy, correct, modify, publish, transmit, , distribute or otherwise process any material for commercial and / or non-commercial purposes (ies) that is the subject of intellectual creation;
6.1.2. Any services posted on the Website are the property of the organization or a third party who may own such intellectual property;

7. Force majeure

7.1.1. The parties are released from liability for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the obligation, if it is caused by force majeure circumstances, which the relevant party could not take into account and avoid by taking appropriate measures and in the event of which the parties, for reasons beyond their control, were deprived of the opportunity to fulfill the obligations imposed by this Agreement. Force majeure circumstances include (but are not limited to) natural phenomena: floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, hostilities, war, strikes, and other irresistible forces that make it impossible to fulfill an obligation.
7.1.2. In the event of force majeure, a party to the contract for whom it is impossible to fulfill its obligations shall immediately notify the other party of such circumstances and the reasons therefor.

8. User information, privacy and personal data
8.1.1. The organization is authorized to receive, process and store information provided by the customer, which became available to the organization within the framework of the service / service agreement, for the purposes of providing services to the customer, performance of the contract and legislation, including tax legislation;
8.1.2. Each Party undertakes to strictly protect the confidentiality of financial, commercial and other information received from the other Party. The transfer of such information to a third party (s) may take place with the written consent of the other party, in the cases provided for by the current legislation of Georgia and in accordance with the conditions set forth in the following paragraph of this Article;
8.1.3. The disclosure and / or transfer of confidential information of the parties is possible without any restrictions: to companies hired for tax audit purposes, law firms, supervisory bodies, companies hired for external audit and tax audit purposes, which are required to Information;
8.1.4. The Customer understands that any information he / she receives directly from the Organization and / or made available to any person within the Service constitutes confidential information and its disclosure is not permitted to third parties;
8.1.5. 9.5 The user is obliged to protect confidential information, personal, special category and / or biometric data and to take reasonable actions to prevent its disclosure or access to third parties with such confidential information and data with the same degree of protection and security as he normally uses his own confidential information to protect. The user keeps the confidential information in a secure environment, does not reproduce, disclose or use it, except to receive services provided by the organization;
8.1.6. The User understands that any personal and / or special category data that may be received by the Service may be processed for a specific purpose only. Accordingly, the User undertakes not to process (collect, record, store, use, transmit, distribute or otherwise make available) the above data; Except for one-time processing and for the purpose for which it was received and destroyed upon such request, within a reasonable time after receiving the service and / or in cases prescribed by the legislation of Georgia.

9. Invalidity
The invalidity of any article and / or clause and / or sub-clause or part thereof does not invalidate other clauses or clauses, therefore, other clauses, clauses or sub-clauses remain in force.

10. Entry into force of the contract and validity period

The agreement is valid from the moment the user enters the website and / or from the moment the agreement is signed by the parties and its validity continues for the term established by the agreement and / or the full and proper fulfillment of the obligation by the parties;

11. Single contract, changes and additions, advantage

11.1. The organization is authorized, individually, by unilateral decision, to change in whole or in part and / or add standard terms of service, any of its attachments, including the product posted on the website and the cost of services, terms of registration. The change and / or addition applies only to orders placed after the change and / or addition;
11.2. Information about the above changes and / or additions will be made available to the user by posting information about the changes and / or additions on the website;
11.3. The organization may send changes to the customer to an e-mail address known to him;
11.4. The Organization reserves the right to update and amend the existing agreement or any part thereof at any time. The changes take effect upon posting on the Website and become binding on the User after 5 (five) days, during which time if the User does not make any claims regarding the changes, it is automatically deemed to have agreed to the updated terms and conditions.
11.5. The General Terms and Conditions of this Service shall prevail over all other similar similar agreements or transactions previously entered into;

12. Applicable law

12.1.1. The agreement is drawn up in accordance with the current Georgian law and is subject to the legislation of Georgia;
12.1.2. A relationship that is not regulated by a contract is regulated in accordance with the current legislation of Georgia.

13. Dispute Resolution Rule

13.1.1. Any dispute between the parties will be resolved through mutual negotiations. In case of failure to reach an agreement, the dispute shall be considered in accordance with the rules established by the legislation of Georgia.

14. Transitional Provisions

14.1. The place of performance of the contract is the legal address of the organization;
14.2. This Agreement shall prevail over and terminate any agreement, transaction or agreement entered into before the term of this Agreement, both in writing and orally, relating to the subject matter of this Agreement and the relationship governed by that Agreement.